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Hey Deviant Art Universe...So nice to be here and witness all the fantastic artist and the many intriguing artworks everyone working on...Since I don't make drawings or post pics of myself, I'd though I'd make a journal about myself and my likes and dislikes, you know to give you a glimpse of what I'm ALL about...Glad to meet you all and God Bless

FAVORITE DA GROUP: :iconclub-street-fighter:.....If you a BIG Street Fighter fan like me and wanna see every fighter in all kinds of drawing styles from different talented artists....Visit, watch and join this club today!!!

FAVORITE ARTISTS ON DA so far (list will change ALOT): :icongenzoman:, :iconrobaato:, :icondahlig:, :iconbigboithomas84:, :iconbillythebrain:, :iconleomon32:, :iconjojoesart:, :iconskulljammer:, :iconthechamba:, :iconalexdeligiannis:, :icongrimphantom:, :iconartgerm: :iconclubfoot93:, :iconhoundgrey:
FAVORITE COSPLAYERS ON DA so far: :iconsjbonnar:, :iconeveofabyss:, :iconwiler11:, :iconyayacosplay:
                                                                                   25 QUESTIONS
1. Age:25
2. Height/Weight: 5'10 and 315lbs
3. Favorite Artists: Don't have a particular favor artist but have to thank and cite :icongenzoman: for leading me here
4. Favorite Food: Nachos all the time, pizza and wings especially from WOW Wings
5. Favorite Musical Genre: Rock, Metal, R&B, Hip Hop, even Country and anything that sounds good to my ears
6. Name 12 musical artists you like: Evanescence 1st and foremost, Christina Aguilera, Michael Jackson, Biggie, Lacuna Coil, Nickelback, Stevie Wonder, AC/DC, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Sinatra, and KISS and just many others
7. Favor Color/ Color Combo: Any shade of blue & Black/Red/White
8. Favorite/Least Favorite Subject In School: Liked English...Hated Math
9. Favorite Game Console: Nintendo DS and Gameboys 1st and PS3 2nd
10.Favorite Games: Pokemon, Mario Bros, any fighting games like Street Fighter, Tekken, King Of Fighters, God Of War, All the WWE games etc.
11.Hobbies: Love writing songs and short poems and stories and playing video games and performing Judo and Jit-su and swordplay.
12.Useful bit of advice to give someone: Drink plenty of water and pray
13. Favorite Book: Anything having to do with mythology especially Greek and Roman
14. Favorite Movie: Any and all things Horror esp. Friday the 13th and Freddie
15. Favorite TV Show: WWE, TNA, World's Strongest Man Competitions, American Idol, America's Got Talent and many other shows
16. Favorite Magazine: Playboy (Especially Girls With Girls version), King, Psychology Today, Rolling Stone and WWE magazine and many more
17. Places you wanna visit one day: England, France, Japan, China, Italy, Greece, Rome, Russia, Ireland, Brazil, Jamaica, and All of Africa including Egypt
18. Favorite Kind Of Dance: Latin, Waltz, Pasa Doble, the dances that men are more in control in.
19. Favorite Sport: Sometimes Football and Baseball, but definitely Wrestling and Martial Arts
20. What you don't like: BULLYING OF ANY KIND, bullshit, liars, unfriendly ass people, BITCHASSNESS, and fighting.
21. Personal Quote: HUG ON if you're nice, FUCK OFF if you're not, either way I love ya-Don Dukes, that's me.
22. What is important to you?: God, Jesus Christ, Love, Family, Strength and Being the best person I can be.
23. What isn't important: People's unwanted opinions, being a bully, hating the world, insecurity, fighting non-stop
24. Describe yourself in 5 words: Quiet, Funny, Passionate, Strong, and Willing to Help
25. Last Thoughts: Be yourself and Live Life, one day and night at a time.


Don Dukes
United States

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